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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

So what do you think? The last time we "talked", I was going to fill this frame with chicken wire and use it in my dining room on the now blank wall. My plan was to fill it with whatever I was in the mood for at the moment - seasonal downloads, photos, words of wisdom, small trinkets, etc. Whatever a decorated clothespin could hold would have been fair game.

So yesterday I finally got to my local Lowes. I wanted 1" octagonal grid chicken wire in a small roll as I am not actually building a chicken coop - which I guess is the obvious use for this stuff (as well as fencing, etc.) - I didn't need nor want a 100' roll. My Lowes only had the 2" grid in small lengths which I thought looked too open. I left thinking I would have to make a trip to Home Depot - and since that is way on the other side of town, I put it off.

Do you ever love it when something that started out to be an annoyance turns into an "ah-ha" moment? As I was passing through the DR this morning and getting annoyed that I haven't actually completed one thing this week - except for getting my teeth cleaned, babysitting my 2 youngest grandchildren while Mom and Harrison got some errands run and managing to once again get a horrible, itchy rash all over my arms and hands (and this time neck and face as well) while pulling some vines out and cutting down some "weed trees" that hang over my fence and drop their big, old ugly leaves into my yard. Now mind you, I have lived in this house for 38 years and I get this rash every time I pull one of the weeds but I have still not been able to isolate which weed is the exact culprit. This happens even though I am wearing gloves. I have recently been told I have Irish skin which apparently is very sensitive - who knew? But, I digress...boy am I good at that!

In any case, I remembered that my first instinct was to simply hang this frame around the sconce but for some reason, I dismissed it. Then, when I asked my girls' opinions, they also came up with this idea and for some reason, I dismissed that as well. Then, this morning, I realized that if I fill this frame with all sorts of little stuff hanging from wire, it might feel just as busy as it did when I had the 2 pictures and sconce there.

Long story short (is it ever really that way in my world?), I think I like this.

Not the best picture but the only angle from which I could fit in both sides of the wall. I like that there is gold and black on both sides of the opening grounded by the black side board in between. What do you think? I think it will work until something else "just perfect" strikes my fancy. Stay tuned.

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