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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where to Begin???

As always, our 4th of July weekend couldn't have been more perfect.Even the weather cooperated! We all arrived on Sunday and had a pre-4th celebration that involved lots of swimming, visiting, food, more swimming and s'mores!

Lucky for you, I was so busy having such a great time that I really didn't get all of the pictures I would have liked to get, but the memories are there for all of us none the less.

This was too cute! Uncle Rich is the best host ever and always makes sure that everyone has everything they could possibly want. He always has some great Jimmy Buffet playing in the background as well. When he heard that Presley's favorite song was "Dynamite", he worked his magic with his i-pod or something beyond my grasp and before we knew what had happened, the music was blaring and she was dancing. The girls all just jumped in and I think this is the cutest picture ever! Carefree and happy faces - just like the mood of the entire weekend!

Even a 6 year old needs a quick nap every now and then. We couldn't convince him to go inside because he thought he might miss something so he came up with this solution!

It truly was a perfect day and we all dragged to bed knowing that we needed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for all that was yet to come tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned!

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