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Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Stop: The Beach

After we all filled our bellies with lots of delicious breakfast casserole and warm cinnamon rolls, the girls decided it was time to work off a few of those calories. Since Gulfport Beach is literally right outside the gates of Kris' neighborhood, we decided to head there.

Gulfport is a small, sleepy "old Florida" sort of town. Kind of a Key West sort of vibe. I love the feel of it! It is very "chilled out" - but always something going on. On the 4th, there was a classic car show. There were lots of people celebrating the holiday just the way it should be celebrated - family and friend oriented - and this beach is the perfect place to do just that as it is small and safe. Children were in the water, at the playground or digging in the sand. There were lots of large groups picnicing and much laughter and happiness - a mixture of many generations all having fun together! My 2 grandsons made some new friends in minutes and sand castles and tunnels were being dug.

We also happened upon a family sand sculpture contest. I loved the tiki guy above. There were a lot of other good ones but I waited too long to snap my pictures as apparently part of the family fun is demolition when the "judging" is over!

The girls and a few parents got in several heated volleyball games. It's amazing how competitive everyone gets when a volleyball appears.

Papa and Nana found a comfy seat in the shade and alternated between playing in the surf and sand with the little guys or cheering on one side or the other at the volleyball game. It was a truly lovely way to spend a morning and if I lived where Kris does I would get nothing done as I would wile away my days either at this beach or looking at the bay from her house. Always makes me wonder why I continue to live in central Florida but then when the seasons start to roll around, I am truly happy where it can feel a bit more "autumny' or "springy". I'm not totally enamored with tropical plantings. Although they are beautiful to visit, I love my seasonal flowers alot more. Lucky for me, I can visit any time I want! Stay tuned for the rest of our day.

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