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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indian Summer

I have pretty much finished with the late summer decorating. I have kept the top of the armoire in the living room clear for awhile but didn't want to look any more for room to store this bird cage so I stuck it up there temporarily and now I think I like it. Guess I could put something a little more seasonal in there than the ivy.

How about that ? A little better. When I have a few minutes, I will play with it a bit more.

See the other bird cage under the sofa table? Guess I was either lazy or tired when I was doing this as it sure seemed a lot easier to just put them somewhere than to find more storage area in this house!

Not much really inspirational coming from me this time of the year. Have I mentioned that this is NOT MY FAVORITE SEASON!!! I do like the sunflowers and am trying hard to keep things at a minimum...if for no other reason than that it will be that much less to take down when I finally do get to decorate for my FAVORITE SEASON. It is coming soon. In fact, we got just enough of a hint of it yesterday to make me long for it all the more! We had a record breaking LOW temperature for July 19-66 degrees. You can bet I went out there and sucked up as much of that cool air as I possibly could. If you didn't get to feel it, I'm sorry! I probably sucked up your share as well. But alas, Mother Nature was just fooling us and it was back up in the 90s before we knew it. I actually felt a little better when I heard that the entire week my daughter and family were in Arkansas, the temp never went below 104-and often it went higher! Yikes! I guess you never have to look farther.....

In any case, things are moving right along here and daughter and family are moved in, mostly unpacked and for sure, decorated. She's truly a chip off the old block! We might have had to wade through water from a clogged city pipe (which we did!), but we were going to do it while hanging pictures, moving furniture, etc. All is now well with the pipes and the house looks beautiful! It is going to be so much fun having them so close. I actually cooked a meal and took it over last night. Who knows what doors this may open! Stay tuned.

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