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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can Autumn Be Far Behind?

The feels and colors of the Mediterranean are definitely the order of the day. I love the colors in this large, copper bowl and I think citrus kind of says summer as well.

Why am I looking at this picture as if it is the first time I have seen those shutters? Maybe it is because there is so little of anything else to look at. So much for minimalism!!! In any case, do those shutters scream "paint me, paint me" to anyone else? All of a sudden, the sharp contrast between the soft white of the mirror and the sharp white of the shutters is GLARING to me. I think I'm off to the garage for a quick coat of 'heirloom white' while Presley is down for her nap.

Definitely going a bit more minimalist - and for me that is quite a hard thing to do! I do like how things look more open and consequently, a bit cleaner. But when I look at these areas - especially in these pictures - my gut tells me there are probably a few changes still to come.

This picture has hung on the other side of the dining room ever since I redid the room. I liked it there. But, all of a sudden, I didn't like the old window frame that used to hang here. I moved the picture and I like it but now I have a big empty wall on the other side of the room. I hung a sconce there for now, but the proportions are off and it is driving me crazy. There is already a large mirror in this room just a few feet away, so that idea is out. I am thinking a pretty vineyard poster would be perfect. I know just the one I want - in fact my youngest daughter owns one. It is from the Ravenswood Vineyard and you can't seem to buy them unless you're at the vineyard. If anyone has a trip planned in the near future, let me know. I found one on e-bay, but they were estimating it will sell for $300-$400, so I think I will be looking for something else.

In the mean time, I will try to avert my eyes every time I pass this way until I can get out and about to see what I can find. So much for "shopping the house". I tried - really I did! Stay tuned.

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