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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

O.K. I must be out of practice! Things have been so hectic in my life the last year or so that I haven't really done any major redecorating that I could get my chops into. My brain is beginning to perk, but I'm having second thoughts about tackling really big projects as I'm having the worst time just re-doing one wall! Where has my inner decorator gone? Of course, it doesn't help that I am trying to do this on a budget so I can save the "big bucks" for things still perking in my brain...but, I digress.

I showed you where I moved the picture that used to hang here. I thought I would look for a framed poster-perhaps a vineyard feel. But then, I had second thoughts. Too many hard edged-rectangular frames already in this room. So, I started to think about just hanging some unframed canvases with the same feel. I hit 3-4 different stores yesterday and couldn't find what I wanted. I settled for these smaller canvases at Kohls -buy one get one for $1 and then another 20% off, so the price was right. Came home and hung them with the "olive branch" sconce and am trying to convince myself that I love it. And up close. it's not bad.

But in reality, I just think the proportion is off for this wall. I think one larger piece would make a bigger statement. What do you think? Am I right or am I over thinking the whole thing?

I just searched the house and found an old, large, oval frame under a bed. It is burnished gold which would complement the large gold letters sitting on the shelf on the opposite wall. I'm thinking about leaving it empty but stapling some chicken wire on the back. I've seen this around blogland. The idea is to use decorative clothespins and pin on seasonal downloads, photographs or even just sentiments for the occasion. I think I might like this-still deciding.

While I was in Kohls, I grabbed up a few other things from their Indian Summer collection. These tri-colored candles are perfect with the citrus colors, so I had to grab more.

And I love these dish towels! I grabbed 2 more sets as well. A different sunflower pattern and a beautiful, graphic pumpkin design for September decorating! Need I say that I can't wait to use that one!

A few more peeks around the house and that is it. I have since added 2 more large sunflowers to the red vase. I had one from last year and it was fine but when I found the same ones again this year at HL and 50% off, I thought 2 more would add to it's presence as it is a pretty tall vase.

So that's how things are going around here. May be MIA for a few days. Daughter # 2 and grand daughter #1 are coming down and we're heading to Jen's new house for the afternoon. Then, tomorrow, oldest daughter and her 2 girls will be here to visit the new house and spend the night with Nana and Papa. My middle daughter and I spent yesterday in Gainesville visiting with my mom and then she and I got to go out for a nice, long quiet lunch-a rare occasion as she is a teacher and almost always tied up at school-even during the summer. Any way, it has been a super fun and super busy week for us. Hope I can spend some time in the yard this weekend, but if a better offer comes along.... Stay tuned.

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