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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

This guy usually stands guard by the front door, but since I moved the garden house from this area, I put him there temporarily and there he still stands. He was made by a friend of mine many years ago. He is very simple if you have the right tools but I think he could easily be duplicated with an inexpensive picket from Lowes. We used those once in GS to make snowmen and they were so fun and easy. Every year I keep this guy as a reminder of an art project in case I have grand children visiting this time of year, but varying spring breaks usually mess up any chance of that. In any case, some ears and carrots added out of chipboard, foam core or balsa wood and a little imagination and they would be adorable!

Not real happy with the flower balls in the apothecary jar but they fill the space for now. The egg next to these jars was another project that we have used for kids, grandkids, school, scouts & S.S. - a simple paper mache or styrofoam egg covered in ripped napkin or tissue paper pieces and embellished any way you want. No matter the age of the person doing this craft, they are fool proof and always come out pretty! The first was done with patterened tissue paper and the second with napkins.

This pot is a simple terra cotta flower pot painted and decoupaged with vintage images. I used them one year as Easter baskets for gifts. I like to put the goodies in something that can be used again instead of just another basket. In more recent years I have begun using things that don't even have an Easter theme. That way, they can be used for many months. I have used vases, candle sconces, lanterns, etc. The garden store is a great place to look.

The little "cabbage" basket was from MS. I was going to make them as place cards one year, but if I remember correctly, even using all of my coupons, they were too expensive to make for the end result. So, you are looking at the only one I made. I like it, but it just didn't have enough "bang for the buck"!

Having really bad weather today and is giving me trouble so I am going to get this published before it self destructs. I'll be back tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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