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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Begosh and Begorrah

So here we are back in the familyroom. I have already replaced the candles in the Southern Living jars with "greener" candles (forgot to take a new photo until I just saw this so imagine!). The piece of green gate is a reproduction that I bought at my favorite shop in Dade City. Sometimes it is actually out in the garden, but for spring and summer, it is usually somewhere in the house. The Erin Go Bragh banner looks like I made it but I actually found it at Home Goods last year. It is made of vintage postcards, so right up my alley.

This is a picture of my oldest grandson taken last year at his school's international festival. He, of course, was representing Ireland. My daughter called and asked me to make a costume that was authentic Ireland and this is what came to mind. Armed with just a few measurements, I whipped up the vest and knickers and then found the sequined bow tie and made a little shamrock boutonniere. I left the shoes and hat up to her. I said a quick little prayer when I popped it in the mail because I'm not very good at altering patterns and heaven knows this took a lot of "tweaking" as "authentic Irish" costume patterns are not in abundance. I was not at this festival - think parents were asked not to come for some reason - so I was relying on a photo taken I think by the teacher. Not the world's best photo - shirt out and deer in headlights look - but I was just thrilled to see that it worked! We were trying very hard not to make him look like a leprechaun!

Imagine my delight when I happened upon this fellow in "The Shop" in Micanopy. I had to buy him as he confirmed that we had been on the money when designing Harrison's costume.

Then, imagine my surprise when this photo arrived! Just the look we wanted to avoid had reared its ugly face!! Seems that the hat purchased was for an adult, so cutting out the hair would have made it too large for Harrison's head. My daughter thought keeping it tucked inside would fit the bill but apparently, she under estimated a handful of 4 year old boys! One of them saw a wisp of green hair hanging out and encouraged Har to "let it all out"! I love that look on his face - he thinks he is too cool!

New birdcage on right. I kind of just stuffed in a silk plant and let it go for now. I'm sure inspiration will strike soon.

So that is pretty much the end of this room. Think we have one or two more to go. Didn't know any one sane person could have this much for St. Patrick's Day did you? I guess my Irish roots tend to come out this time of year. After all, my maiden name IS Dunphy! Stay tuned.

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