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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

As I was posting this blog, I realized that most of my house looks just like it did in February except that where there was red there is now green and where there were once hearts, there are now shamrocks. I will have to start mixing things up a bit for Easter but for now, here is the dining room.

The tall apothecary jar is filled with limes and then I wedged in a download of an Irish verse. The shorter one holds an old mug filled with flowers nestled in some shamrocks.

Talk about simple! This cupboard top holds my lanterns with green candles and a tag and the vase has a silk shamrock bush. This shamrock bush is the prettiest faux shamrock I have found. It has small purple flowers. Wish I had bought more of them. I bought it at a specialty decor shop and it was quite expensive - hence, why I only bought one and double hence, why that store is no longer open so I can't go back and buy more!

I left this goose here just because he is big and fills the space, but as I look at this picture, I realize that this area needs some work!!!

That gets you through the dining room. Here is the coffee table with the addition of one of my new birdcages. Just bought some more moss rocks so once I get home (writing this while out of town), I will be "tweaking" again. Guess that is what keeps me going. I am a nester and I love adding little treasures to my home. I also just stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up 2 cute birds that I will be adding to nests very soon. Stay tuned.

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