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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All That Glitters...

Many years ago I was obsessed with antique candy/candle molds. I made beeswax candles or figures as gifts for every holiday. I enjoyed displaying my own bunched together with the antique molds I used to make them. That was then. The last number of years, I haven't even bothered to get them out of the boxes when I unpack my decorations. Last year, I saw "the glitter lady" on MS and she was glittering rabbits. She purchased her rabbits at some un-named boutique so we (or at least I) couldn't replicate her creation. I loved the end result, so I kind of shelved the idea in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to unpacking this year. I once again left the beeswax rabbits in the box. Suddenly I had a flash of glitter cross my mind and I thought I would try to glitter the beeswax. I wasn't sure if it would adhere, but since I already had everything, what was there to lose?

I used MS glitter glue and MS glitter - it really doesn't compare with other glitters on the market. You might be able to find some less expensive but for this kind of project you need to splurge. That doesn't mean that when I had all of my grand children glittering large paper mache pumpkins that I didn't revert to HL brand. I'm just sayin", in this case, you get what you pay for.

What do you think? I love them because they are glittered but as of this minute, I haven't really found what I want to do with them. I know they will find a home befitting their "sparkly" personalities soon!

I've had to stay close to home these last few days as I have picked up a pretty nasty infection and am supposed to be taking it easy. That has given me lots of time to fuss over things. I messed with the mantle a bit. Actually found a large bouquet of spring flowers in storage, so I swapped them out with the ones I previously had in this jar and then used a few of the old ones to scatter amongst the dogwood to bring a bit of color down to the white. I think I am liking it better, but my drugs are making me a bit loopy, so I'm having trouble concentrating. Think I will wait to judge when I'm a little more clear headed.

I also bought 4 gorgeous antique glittered eggs from Heidi Devlin. Couldn't wait for them to get here and now that they are, I haven't a clue where to use them. They have already been 4 different places and I dislike them all. Sure hope inspiration strikes soon. Stay tuned.

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