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Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Last Hurrah!

This has been a super busy week! But, with everything going on, we were able to sneak in one more little celebration. All three kids were willing to do photos so I guess that is why we hurried ahead and completely FORGOT about all of the "props" sitting just one room away. Guess the hats, leis, necklaces, glasses and green hair will have to wait until next year. Never-the-less, we got a bunch of cute shots. Lucky you, I am only sharing a few!

A girl is never too young to start wearing "the bling"!

I had been in Gainesville over night and hurried home to squeeze in a "green" luncheon with the boys - Presley couldn't hold out and fell asleep before I got there. Boys being boys, they didn't really care about decorations - hence the lonely pot of shamrocks in the middle of the table - or the food - hence the "green peanut butter" (even they thought it was gross - all the better for boys) sandwich cut into the shamrock shape. We did put out some broccoli for dipping but gave a pass to the chips!

Managed to pull off green mint chip ice cream sundaes and St. Pat's cupcakes. The boys thought it was the greatest thing ever. If I had known how easy it was to please little boys, maybe I would have had 3 of them instead. Of course, I can't begin to make sense out of Legos, Transformers or Hot Wheel Racetracks, so I guess I'm happy the way things worked out. Raised my 3 girls and now I can enjoy the boys when things are good and "hand them back" when things get too "boyish" for me.

Anyhow, we had a fun week. Even managed to squeeze in a little birthday celebration for Harrison since we missed his real day. Pictures coming soon - stay tuned.

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