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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I am pretty much done with my Easter decorating and NONE TOO SOON! I am chomping at the bit to get out and do some heavy duty gardening but I don't get release from the doctor officially until tomorrow and believe me, if I did anything to mess up my surgeries, I would never hear the end of it from my family! I have done a few things when I was outside because I am one of those people who can not sit and enjoy if there are weeds, leaves, etc. around me and boy are there a lot of both right now!

The gardening aspect is kind of overwhelming as I know I have to pressure clean all of the pool deck, gazebo roof, walk ways and parts of the fence - and that is just the backyard - but once I get going, I really enjoy it! I think this may be the year that the deck needs to be resurfaced and there is still a lot of furniture to be painted, so I won't be sitting with nothing to do for a very long time!!

In any case, I tackled the decorating first and I think I have said that I am not into the "cutesy" Easter things. I do have some as they were either gifts or have sentimental value but for the most part, I enjoy the natural feel of spring for Easter - lots of green, flowers, grass, etc. Every year I plant a lot of pots with rye seed and use that for decorating as well. They look so pretty with just an egg or small purple pansy nestled in. I have a number of wire pot holders that I store out in the elements on my potting bench. They get nice and rusty so they are just as I like when I bring them in for spring and summer decorating. What is it about rusty? Maybe I'm getting old enough to really relate!

I do still love the vintage look and this vignette in the living room has most of my vintage things.

I found this egg at Home Goods several years ago. It is actually a Bethany Lowe creation and I got it for way less than I would have in my favorite store in Micanopy that carries this brand. Bethany Lowe is a designer of reproduction vintage holiday items and her prices have gotten obscene! Guess I'm not the only one who likes vintage! This egg is a box and if they had more, I would have scooped up every one. Now I pay a little more attention as I go through the aisles and check the bottoms of a lot of things to see if they are signed.

This is probably the only area where I may purchase something new this year. In fact, I have plans to stop in Micanopy on my way home from my trip up to Gainesville this week. I will pop in on my mom Thursday morning and run some errands and then head for Micanopy. It is PERFECT this time of year. It is not "The Villages" kind of perfect - I call that place Disneyland for adults....almost too perfect. Micanopy is just a small old town with all of its quirks out there for all to see. All of the buildings are old, some are in disrepair. But, it really just lends to its charm. Wonky sidewalks, gardens a bit over grown unless the owner has finally found time to tackle it ( can we relate?) , leaves piling up, etc. But all of this pales to the feeling of old time warmth I get every time I drive up. I eat lunch in a little old cafe where a kitty may jump on your lap to join you. The people are wonderful. Kind of like you are an old friend - and with the number of times I have dropped in recently, I feel like I am. This place always lowers my blood pressure a few points and if I find a "treasure", all the better!

The small basket is from The Shop last year and the large basket and bunny are from Shannon Roth. The chick in the basket I found at HL just the other day - 50% off!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this garden house. I bought it at Target many years ago when they were featuring shabby chic. As you can see, it is one of the things that sits outside and gathers rust and crude. Am I the only one who finds that delicious? Inside I put my ever present hydrangea and a bunny that my cousin "felted" for me. I love that little bunny. He too travels around the house and this year I love the way he in peeking out. I think the dark pink on his ears and bow make your eyes go right to him. Thanks Diane!

The most current bunny pictures are a must and they sit by a small nest with lots of little tendrils shooting out. I found that in a garden shop in High Springs and it just "spoke to me". Don't really know why but I love it. Then there is my metal rabbit that I bought forever ago in a garden shop in Winter Park. I loved that store. It was in an old cottage and carried the most beautiful decorative items. I bought so many things there and then one day I stopped by and they were gone! I hate it when that happens!

I volunteered to bring dessert to a dinner we are attending on Saturday and have no idea what I will make as quite frankly, I thought my offer would be denied. I really am happy to do it, but also really have no idea what I want to make so I am heading outside with a cup of coffee and will start going through my favorite recipes. Sure hope I can ignore the weeds, leaves, etc. We'll see!

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