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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Pat's Day is finally here! I have had so much fun celebrating it this year with grandchildren. We have turned about everything we have eaten "green" and somehow it tastes so much better!

Gotta love Hobby Lobby. I just "felt the need" for one more cloche and there they were on sale 50% off. I am using it with my new stone saucer as a leprechaun trap and it looks like I caught one!

Found this light green urn at Dillards. It is quite large and has a bit of a presence. I thought I could have it out with other olive jars most of the year. When I took the goose out of this vignette and added the pot, it was a bit off balance so I put it up on the metal stand from a large copper bowl that I use in autumn. I think I like this area better now.

I will be enjoying the rest of the day. We have had a full week with our youngest daughter and her family visiting. Have lots of photos to share soon. I will be in the yard getting caught up on "spring cleaning" out there and pulling out Easter decorations as well. Most of my Easter is spring decorations with some bunnies and baskets thrown in. I love the vintage Easter, so that will creep in too but I'm not big on the cutesy stuff so this is an easy holiday to switch out. Back with all of that soon. Stay tuned.

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