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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Counting Down to...


I am always ecstatic when I see the autumn and Halloween magazines begin popping up. It makes me feel like there IS an end in sight! Can't wait to pour a glass of wine and sit down and go through these beauties!

And, as if that isn't all the encouragement I need, I had lunch yesterday with a large group of ladies that I have known and taught with for many, many years-some as long as we have been living in Ocala. We get together in restaurants 2-3 times a year and one of the women always has us at a Christmas open house. As we were leaving-with still way too much catching up left undone-I had the brilliant idea that we should add a Halloween open house this year. And yep, you got it right, because most of these women are "friends" of mine on Facebook or have been to my house before, I was nominated as the hostess for this event. I am so excited. Everyone knows I love to decorate for this holiday but I also love to entertain.

My first thought was to hit the PB and Grandin Road catalog and order my few treasures for the year. And then, I will be hitting Pinterest.

I already ordered this pillow cover from PB. I wanted it last year but it sold out quickly so I didn't want to wait on it this year. I love the checkerboard pattern, the crow and the date...couldn't be more perfect!

These two beauties are from Grandin Road. I truly had to cut down my initial order from this catalog....I love so much of their stuff but I went with two things that are pretty different from anything else I already have...and everyone knows what a hard task that is as I have soooo much.

I think the two things with the crows will probably end up in the living room with my Edgar Allan Poe stuff. I am reserving judgement on the clock until I see how big it actually is. It can be activated in some way so I want it somewhere that that can happen as well.

Oh, I see changes in the forecast! I am so excited. I told you, I like a good project and this one should keep me busy for awhile. Stay tuned.

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