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Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Orange" These Beautiful?

O.K. I think this is about the time every year that I start going a bit "dipsy"??!

It is no secret that I DON'T like summer...and I live in Florida! I can handle the heat and humidity just fine-I have lived here for so many years that I have learned what I can do and when...everyone does sooner or later. There are just times that you do pretty much nothing and other times when you can do anything you want when the rest of the country can not. In other words, I love living in Florida as long as I can have seasons other than just summer. And, don't get me wrong again, there are things about summer-pools, beaches, cook outs, etc.-that I love....I just tend to get over it more quickly than your average bear!

So, with that being said, I am the ONE person who will walk through the craft stores with a smile from ear-to-ear when the first of the autumn supplies begin to fill the shelves. My husband actually questioned my sanity as I dragged him through aisle after aisle of autumn leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, cinnamon-pumpkin scented candles, etc. the other day. I walk slowly breathing in the unctuous air! Of course I know I will be smacked in the face with 82 degrees when I exit through the doors, but for a brief moment, I. Don't. Care!!

So, thrill with me a bit for the happiness I felt when I spied these coppery orange "Mason" jars in JoAnns-on sale. I have no idea where they will end up but orange AND mercury glass....that was a no-brainer!!

And, since July 5 is so close I can feel it-and, hence, sunflowers-I used my day yesterday to start getting things in order. I may still have a bit of tweaking to do once this wreath is actually hanging in its own spot, but I think I am happy with it for now. What do you think? And, remember, it was REALLY inexpensive!

Also while I was out, I made it a point to hunt down the Tim Holtz Letterpress set that I was going to knock-off in a Halloween project. I had decided to splurge and buy a set for myself but when I actually saw it in person, I was disappointed in the size-way smaller than it looked on his blog. I guess I should have remembered that he does mostly miniatures....

In any case, I passed on that and think I will like my knock-off better even if I do have to sacrifice the "vintage" letter look. I found enough wood in the garage to make one but will need to make a quick Lowes trip before I get out the chop saw and get going on these. I came up with 3 Halloween words that I could make from each set of letters but will keep trying to see what else I can find...any ideas?

The plan is to just cut the wood ever so much close to the size of the cork letters so they look like the old letterpress letters. Then, paint or stain the wood, glue on the letters, line up the backs and glue together and add the Tim Holtz photo pins to make it a photo holder...we shall see.

I am also going to look for some other Halloween craft ideas for this year as July is really the best time to do this so I will be ready and have lots and lots of free time to JUST ENJOY when it FINALLY gets here! Pinterest, here I come. And then, on to finally painting the small console. I will share the results soon. Stay tuned.

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