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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Here Comes the "Sun" !!

Yes, I love my red, white and blue for the 4th of July...but, I don't like summer. And so, once I take down the 4th decor, I put up sunflowers. They remind me of the heat of summer but they also give my soul a hint of the beautiful autumnal things to come very soon. Usually I wait a day or two after a holiday to start disassembling, but we have a busy week with lots of appointments coming up so I decided today is the day...yay!

And, this is where I start. Late summer decorating is where I get to use ALL of my Mediterranean decor at the same time. Think I have enough olive
 jars and urns? This isn't even all of them. Over the last few years, my girls have changed their decor and this look doesn't work for them any more. Guess who is the "lucky recipient" of all of their goodies? My husband helped me bring all of this into the house and when he had made his last trip he looked at it and asked "where does this all go?". Silly man...hasn't he paid attention? It will be everywhere very soon...and intermingled with these:

And these:

I was thinking this might be a quick decor switch, but I am now realizing that a lot has changed around here in the last year so I am going to have to do some "reinventing". And, with the "speed" in which my brain cells connect these days, it may take longer than I thought. Stay tuned.

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