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Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting Smart in my Old Age

I don't know if I am really getting smarter-in fact, that is HIGHLY doubtful-but I am most definitely getting more comfortable with the computer and more savvy if you will. You have to remember that I am a bit of a dinosaur. Almost all of today's technology was non-existent as I was growing up so I never learned how to do any of this. As things came into existence, I learned JUST what I needed to to do what I wanted. I guess I never really learned the basics of these things. I always swore that I would take some beginners courses but life just got in the way and I never did.

Fast forward to my blog. This is something I would never have done myself but when my oldest grand daughter created it for me as a Christmas gift after seeing how much I enjoyed other blogs, I felt compelled to at least learn the basics of navigating the site...and so I did.

Over the years, there have been many changes including the initial blog site being disbanded and having to move to a completely different server. I was terrified yet, somehow, I got through the move. I CAN read after all and it really wasn't all that difficult...just scary. I was afraid I would lose all of my previous blogs and since I don't scrapbook any more, this has kind of become my way of journaling our life.

Anyhow, over time I guess I just kind of picked up how things work and when Blogger threw me another curve the other day by changing the layout of my blog, I panicked once again. Then, I took a breath and worked my way through it. Since I don't know how all of you receive my blog-some might be through email-I am pretty sure you don't all see the full lay-out. I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I figured out how to download these sunflowers and get them where I wanted them so my theme would be carried out hence filling in the "white space" that I was left with after the latest overhaul. Just in case you haven't seen the whole thing, this is what it looks like least until I put up autumn!

Of course, I had to ask my grand daughter how I could "get a picture" of this page because every time I tried the way I thought would work, I ended up downloading "administrative" jargon. So now, I know about screen shots and the like...who knew??! Stay telling what trouble I will get into next.

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