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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Boy, I feel like I am saying that a lot lately! Just when you think you have your day all planned, a daughter and grand daughter swoop in and before you know it, you are off on a totally different adventure-doesn't this happen to everyone?

Hubby and I had our Friday all planned. We were just waiting for daughter #2 and grand daughter #1 to come by and pick up Hattie-our old, black Lab grand dog that we had been keeping for 3 weeks while the "young'uns" took their road trip. The last leg of the journey was to be an Imagine Dragon concert in Tampa on Friday night and since Hannah had to work on Thurs. night, she was on her way down to join the gang once again...yes, we have complicated stories in this group!

In any case, we visited for a few minutes and them got Hattie and her accoutrements loaded and were literally waving good-bye when they circled back around our drive and yelled "why don't you come with us?" And, so we did. We literally threw things in our suitcase and were out the door in no time. No time to let reason enter the picture! We kept our inclusion a surprise and couldn't wait to get there and spring it on everyone.

When we got in St. Pete, hubby, Hattie and I knocked on the door and when my daughter saw us through the window, she started yelling "don't open the door!"-haha. Then our grand daughters all saw us and were so excited. It made the jump out of our comfort zone so worth the trip. We had a lovely, peaceful visit catching up on all of the latest work on her home renovation and the girls had the best time ever at the concert!!

We headed to a favorite, local restaurant for dinner and must always take a picture with our favorite greeter!

After a whirlwind visit with lots of talking and eating, we are home and trying to back back to some kind of a schedule again so I thought I would start by taking you through the kitchen.

I still love this rusty thing. I found it at one of our decor boutiques downtown one day when they were having a big sale. It was on the counter by their register and was full of beautiful jewelry. I don't really know if it was for sale or just a display piece but when I asked the young girl behind the register if it was, she said "sure, why not"? And now, it resides with me. I love to move it around and see what things I can find to fill it for each theme.

You knew those orange mercury glass jars wouldn't go very far, didn't you?

I just realized that except for the sunflower candle and the ones peeking through the window from the dining room that there is nary a sunflower in sight. I guess the kitchen area just lends itself more to the citrus/Mediterranean theme. I like that I can still find a way to use a lot of my Southern Living things and beautiful things that my grand daughters have made for me over the years that fir into this theme.

Lots more to catch up on this coming week and more house to show you. Stay tuned.

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