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Saturday, July 18, 2015

You Know the Old Saying...

..."times flies when you're having fun!" And that is what we have been doing. Lots and lots of fun but really just every day life and not really the stuff blogs are made of!

We have been up and out every day this week. Some of it was taking advantage of end-of-year sales-we got some really nice patio chairs at a total steal and, come to think of it, that almost would have been a blog if I had seen any humor in it at the time. Just think 4 large chairs and the trunk of one small sedan-albeit a fairly good sized trunk-and, a looonnng way home! I just love the sales on things you would buy any way with lots of add on coupons and cash back certificates and rebates. As I tell my hubby, they are almost paying us to take it off their hands.

And then, we got a lovely invitation to dinner at daughter #3's house. It was delicious and it gave us time to hear all about their vacation adventures. This was not just any old dinner either-we had a lovely banner on the wall and beautiful, hand-made place cards-a really classy affair I'm just saying!

Thought I would go ahead and squeeze in our last tour room as next week promises to be another busy week as well. We have company coming on Monday, we will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday we will be keeping our three youngest grandchildren so I thought maybe I should come up with some back-to-school ideas to keep them busy.

So, on we go.

I can't believe how much I am loving finding one thing, putting it in place and just changing it as the seasons go. Maybe I am getting old and tired. Somehow, the easier seems better these days. Maybe I have just found things that speak to me. In any case, I love my Southern Living olive jar simply filled with sunflowers sitting on my Europe to You olive board and the on two April Cornell place mats that I found in Mt. Dora years and years ago before I had ever even heard of April Cornell. I loved the colors and they are two-sided-not to mention, they were on a close-out sale I couldn't pass up. I seem to go to them a lot these days. Glad I gave in to the urge to buy them.

So really kept it simple in here. We use the dining room a lot this time of the year and wanted to have some surfaces open without having to move a dozen things.

And here is a sneak peek to the rest of my weekend if my back will tolerate sitting on a hard chair. I am trying to make up some of my left-over from last year Halloween ideas so when I start seeing new ones coming my way, I will still have time to do them. Most of these things are using supplies I already bought and just never got to.

I know most people think it is rushing the season, but if you love Halloween as much as my family and I do, you have to strike while the iron is hot. Daughter #1 sent me a link to this year's Grandin Road catalog the other day. SIGH!!! I already have 4 things in my cart from just the preview. I am hoping to go back and look a little more closely when I have time to see if I can "knock-off" any of them like I did last year with the skeleton wreath and wooden sign We shall see. Stay tuned.

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