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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heading Out Again

We are packing our bags once again and heading to daughter #2's house overnight. Going to run some errands and enjoy a visit with the whole family. Yesterday, she and her two girls were here. They took us to lunch and then we enjoyed a trip back in time-a rousing Yahtzee tournament.

We will be home tomorrow in time to greet daughter #1 as she and her youngest pull into town for the night-she and her sister are once again off to Atlanta on Thursday while her youngest spends more time with her cousins, her dog spends more time with us and her oldest is in Puerto Rico on a church mission trip.

Then on Thursday and Friday the three youngest will either be here or with their cousins as well...never a dull moment around here.

I guess I tell you all of this so I have an excuse for not showing you all of my progress on my Halloween gifts...could be because I haven't made any! Yet! But, I DID finally get this done:

Now I can breathe easy...I am ready once again for Valentine's Day-haha. I got my bracelet restrung and the new crystals on the earrings-I had to actually work with headpins cutting them down to size and twisting in the loop-harder than you would think to get it centered and actually round...and bonus, I have the slightly larger heart crystal to put on a chain and wear as a necklace if I want...score! Don't know why silly little things like this make me happy but they do. And, I can FINALLY cross something off of my to-do list. More to come. Stay tuned.

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