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Monday, July 6, 2015

Let the Sun In!!

For an old lady (haha), when I want something, I CAN MOVE!

And I reallllyyy wanted the sunflowers up in my house. I needed the sunflowers up in my house. I love the sunflowers up in my house!

I posted yesterday that I was going to start the new decor but usually it takes me 3-4 days. Except for the guest bath and the front porch and the sun room, I am done. Of course, I still have to pack most of the 4th stuff up and put it away but I am far enough along that I thought we could start the tour.

Keeping the entry a little sparse but I am already thinking of things to add when I see this picture so don't place any bets just yet.

I still totally love this arrangement that I bought many, many years ago at Julies at Provence. Since my theme for late summer decor is 1. sunflowers or 2. citrus colors or 3. Mediterranean-any or all of the above-this arrangement fits perfectly and since I stuck a few extra sunflowers into the peonies, hydrangeas, fruit, etc., it is even more perfect!

That is the living room so far. If sunflowers are here now, can autumn leaves and pumpkins be far behind?

Thought I would leave you with these beautiful faces. My oldest daughter had started a tradition of taking her two daughters and her two oldest nieces on the "great American road" trip. They sort of just head out with a "sort of" idea but no hard and fast rules. They google as they go and take detours to see all sorts of Americana. Last year they headed in one direction-this year in another. Trying to visit as many states as they can.

They arrange their trip so that they will be with daughter #3and her family at her in-laws place in Arkansas for a few days around the 4th. It sounds like a child's dream-cliff diving, water skiing, kayaking, lots of food, fun and fireworks.

Then, this year they decided they wanted to see Chicago and all places in between. I am having so much fun keeping up with them via Face Book...if I can't be there, it is the next best thing! Stay tuned.

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