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Friday, June 5, 2015

Seeing "Red"...Yet Again...

...and white and blue! Yep, it is that time once again. I started decorating for the 4th several days ago and thought I would be all done by now and ready to show you my lovely pictures.

But then, life got in the way. We had an unexpected visit from daughter #2 and a trip over to daughter #3's house to see their ever growing garden (which truly has fed all of us for many months now) and newly acquired chickens. Yes, fresh eggs seem to be in our future as well.

And then, we had another evening dinner and visit from our three youngest grand children. We managed to squeeze in a meal, art, visiting and a movie amongst ALL of the yet-to-be put out decorations. There really isn't a clear, flat surface anywhere in this house but we improvised and had fun.

I woke up thinking today would be the day, but now hubby and I are planning a visit to Micanopy to peruse some of my favorite shops and then a quiet lunch on the porch of a favorite restaurant. There is something so peaceful and full of southern charm about this town that it just seems like the perfect way to start what at least feels like a long, hot SUMMER around here.

So, about the only thing I am ready to share right now is the entrance.

Still using the download of Uncle Sam that I made many years ago...maybe it is time to switch this up??!

Here is how the wreath came out. I think I am done...but, you never know!

I still really love the vintage "fire cracker" that I made a few years back. I can't even remember where I stole found the idea! The "chalkboard" download was from last year. If I remember correctly I mentioned last year that it would look more "chalk-boardy" if it didn't have the glass. Guess maybe it is time to do something about that because you definitely would NOT be getting a flash-back if it were real!

Still lovin' my typewriter (thanks again Kris) - this time with the Declaration of Independence...but, I am already knowing there is a tweak in store. Once I saw this picture, I want some red, white and blue here. I will see what I can do. Stay tuned.

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