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Friday, May 29, 2015

Home Again, Home Again...

...jiggity jig!

We have once again been on the go-mostly between two cities attending end-of-the year award ceremonies and a "graduation". I know it seems like there are a lot of award ceremonies, but it never gets old seeing children rewarded for their hard work these days. I think it is a lovely reminder that we appreciate everything it takes to succeed in school. It is not easy and it is stressful and anything we can do to give them a little extra encouragement is O.K. in my book.

So Tuesday morning began with Presley's kindergarten graduation ceremony. I feel like I must apologize in advance for my pictures. I have a new phone and haven't quite mastered the camera part of it, my good camera doesn't have enough of a zoom for distance and, perhaps most importantly, the principal of this school has very strict rules about NOT coming forward to take pictures and he scares me!

Here is Presley giving her "speech" cute!

I loved how the courtyard reception was decorated with the graduates' art. This particular piece was done by the art teacher drawing on the sidewalk and then the kids laying down to look like part of the picture. Each of their pictures depicted what they want to be when they grow up.

Looks like Presley may have been having a bad hair day in this picture!

She's so proud of herself.

After much celebrating, Presley was back in her class and we were on to the auditorium for Hudson's award ceremony.

And then again, after the proper amount of congratulations and celebration, we were on our way to Gainesville for Morgan's award ceremony.

As we drove onto the school property we were greeted with this sign-all freshly painted and cemented into the ground! Funniest thing ever! Turns out it was the senior class prank-and a pretty darn good one if you ask me!

Morgan received 3 awards-straight A's in Pre-IB, Yearbook student of the year and AP English student of the year. Even though she was very proud of herself, she is also very humble and wanted no extra attention drawn to her-hence, no pictures other than the blurry walks across the stage to receive her awards.

I did manage to get over to the school office to snap a picture or two of her Student of the Month board before getting chastised!

We went out for a celebratory meal and then spent the night just relaxing and recouping from our busy day.

On Thursday morning, we were back at Eighth Street Elementary for Harrison's award ceremony.

This is the total group of boys in Harrison's class this year!

And so, we are finally done with all of the fun end-of-year school activities for us this year. We are enjoying a much needed day at home while we try to catch up on so many chores left undone-mostly trying to get enough water on the gardens and lawn after so many days of predicted rain and nary a drop!

I think I will put up 4th of July decor next week...I am getting antsy with my new wreath and the flag holders all ready to go. I'll be back to share. Stay tuned.

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