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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrating...Times Three!

I think I have told you before how we love to "milk" a holiday or celebration in our family. Sometimes it happens just because "we can" and other times it happens out of necessity! Such was our Mother's Day this year. Our family is scattered and very busy and committed to things like jobs, school, etc. Since we can't always all travel to celebrate every occasion in our family, we do try to find ways to do so individually no matter what or when!

I have posted about our trip down to daughter #1 recently...and all of the fun we had. We managed to fit in a belated Mother's Day celebration from last year and an early one from this year.

Then, daughter #2 had planned to come to Ocala one day this past week to celebrate with me but instead, daughter #3, hubby and I went up to her house. We did the beginnings of a living room re-do and squeezed in another little celebration.

And then yesterday, daughter #3, Presley, hubby and I hit the road for a little adventure...which it always is with this daughter. Somehow she has the least competent "Suri" on the face of the earth. Maybe it's because she made hers a "male". He gets us lost everywhere we go! Thankfully, we have now come to expect it so we watch signs a little more carefully and didn't really do too badly yesterday!

We headed to Madison Florida. This was about a 2 hour drive so we had some fun conversation along the way. Our goal was "The Fancy Flea".

The vendors were all along the main street in Madison and along the sides were lots of cute antique and gift shops and cafes. It is a very charming little town.

The market itself turned out to be a bit smaller than we had imagined but it really was perfect because I had anticipated tons of crowds and endless walking and there was neither...just lots of very nice people all out enjoying a beautiful day. We had a lovely time meandering throughout all of the booths and shops enjoying freshly squeezed lemonade along the way. Just about the time we were all done shopping, we were getting hungry. We knew we wanted a sit-down restaurant and a nice glass of wine with lunch and could not find that in Madison (I'm sure it was there somewhere, we just couldn't find it) so, thanks to Google, we found a place that sounded interesting and headed to Live Oak.

I probably never would have thought of stopping where we did, but because of all of the wonderful reviews, we decided to give it a try. We had a wonderful lunch-family cooking with an upscale twist. If I ever find myself in this neck of the woods again, I be be sure to come back...if Suri and I can find it again!

I had hoped to show you my little Mother's Day gift I made for my girls, my sister-in-law and myself but the finished product is still in Gainesville so all I have to show you is the process-sort of.

I know I have posted many times about how I like to use my mom's things as jumping off points for gifts to my girls-another small way to remember her. I have all of her costume jewelry and her scatter pins are something I remember her wearing but knew that even if I passed them along and they would be cherished, they would probably just find their way into jewelry boxes and be forgotten as most of us don't wear pins much any more.

And so, thanks to Pinterest, I saw this idea and knew it would be perfect.

I found the small oval frames at HL and actually had the linen left over from the 4th of July pillow covers I made. I wanted the pins to be removable just in case anyone took a notion to wear the one they chose, so I cut ovals of Fun-Foam to match the size of the opening and then gave them a small spray of adhesive and glued on the fabric. I put the frames together and brought along the box of Mom's pins and let everyone choose whichever pin "spoke" to them.

I am happy with the way they turned out-just a simple little reminder of a very special mom that can be nestled anywhere we want! I'll show you my finished product once I get it back!

And here is just a sneak peek at my next project. It is something I have had on my list for a few years and when I saw these antique wooden feet at the fair yesterday, I knew this would be the year! Think 4th of July!! Stay tuned!

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