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Monday, May 4, 2015

It's the "Little Things"

We have survived one very busy week and are going full speed ahead into our next. I have told you before how our life is one of flexibility these days-and, for good reason. We have three very active daughters with very active families. When they get a notion to include us in their fun, we want to be ready. Such was the end of our last week. We "thought" we had life planned but then daughter #3 called to see if we could keep the 3 "littles" for the night as she and her hubby were headed to a Kentucky Derby party. Usually I like to be prepared with special fun and food but impromptu is fun also...especially when she arrived with lots of kid friendly food and a bottle of wine for me-she said I might need it! Guess the kids had had a bit of a bumpy start to their day at home, but things always work out at Nana and Papa's.

And what a start we had when the youngest walked in the door, handed me a note and then ran off to find Papa to deliver his.

Is there any gift in the whole world more precious than the unconditional love of a little one?

We actually had a wonderful time "doing nothing". Everyone played what they wanted, when they wanted and with whom they wanted at that moment...and, we never even made it out into the pool. Not only did they come with lovely notes but also with a huge colander filled with the day's harvest from their ever growing garden! We had the best time making it all for dinner and it was delicious!! Gotta love fresh veggies that taste like what they are!!

At one point in the day, Presley and I were playing with the Fisher-Price dollhouses that I have. Hers was full and wonderful while mine was lacking a bit. When she started to share some of her treasures with me, I remembered something still packed away in a closet after many, many years of storage so she and I set off to see if we could find it. And find it we did! Many years ago, my husband made each of our daughters a dollhouse and we were all addicted. He made them stripped and then we all set off to decorate them from top to bottom. Oh, how many trips we made to Altamonte Springs to a wonderful shop called Gepettos!Can't even begin to imagine how much money we spent there over the years but it was worth every cent!

We wallpapered, painted, tiled, name it. And then we got to the details. The girls made rugs, framed art, curtains, tablecloths, etc., etc., etc. We also were so obsessed that we would decorate for the holidays-go figure! We made miniature Christmas tree decorations, Easter baskets full of eggs and bunnies and Valentine cards and a heart shaped box of candy the size of a nickle! We loved it...and so did Presley when we once again uncovered all of her mommy's treasures. It was like a time capsule and she wasted no time "decking" her halls!

Her decorator mom will be so proud of her mix of modern and vintage! Now I need to get busy gluing some legs and arms back on to some of the wooden pieces!

Some of the rest of our "busy-ness" last week involved these little ones as well.

First, dance hour and a half of ballet, tap and jazz. So fun watching 14 5-year olds being "graceful"! Can't wait for the June recital!

This is really one of my favorite school functions...the annual 8th Street Elementary spaghetti dinner and all-school fair. And, this year, the weather could not have been more perfect making it an absolutely beautiful evening!

First, spaghetti for all. I don't know if it is because of all of my years of teaching, but I LOVE cafeteria spaghetti! Add on a delicious salad and a garlic knot dripping with butter, and I am in heaven!

After wiping my face and rubbing my full belly, we were off to hear each of the grades perform some wonderful musical numbers. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we got to see art and science projects...the full experience of all of the cultural extras our kids are still lucky enough to experience as other school districts delete these essentials (in my opinion) from the curriculum!

And to top off the evening in style, a nice bowl of frozen yogurt with toppings of your choice is always required!

I am using today to catch up on things I let slide last week before jumping in full force again tomorrow. We had so many invitations this week we couldn't fit them all in...but we sure tried!

And one last thought...I told you I would be happening on some things to tweak this wreath...hence, expanding its size visually. As I was grabbing a new roll of paper towels from the family room storage closet, I spied some red sparkle and saw this glittery pick that I use for Valentine's Day. I stuck it in here and I think I am onto something. I think some more blue and white glitter and I will be there...perhaps in the form of stars? Definitely getting closer to my vision!

 Who knows what I will find next. Stay tuned to see. 

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