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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tweaking to Come

I think I have said this before...I am not a floral design kind of person. I have done about every craft known to man...and most of them I can do relatively well. That being said, cake decorating and flower arranging are NOT my thing. No matter how hard I try, I am never totally pleased with the results! Hence the reason I am still mad at myself that I didn't buy the 4th of July wreath that I originally had on my pile at Julies. They use beautiful supplies. Supplies that I truly do not have privy to here in Ocala without ordering from an online site-which would mean I would have to plan ahead...and wait...which I am not very good at!!!

And so, I kind of "stuck" this thing together. I really want it to be larger. I wish I had wider, more luxurious ribbon-but, I don't. I wish I had more and better "bling"-but, I don't. This is where I am leaving it for now. When I hang it up where it will go, I am ready to tweak it a bit. I will see what I have in my 4th decoration boxes that I can add and by then, all of the 4th stuff will be on sale so I know I can probably get it near what I want. I think I have a good start.

All of the decor on this wreath is either just stuck into it or wired on. That way, when the 4th is over, I can remove anything patriotic and add in some sunflowers. Red geraniums and sun flowers are what I usually use in my summer decor. They are summer flowers as well as "warm" colors so I am good with that. They also afford me the opportunity to add more of my Mediterranean decor this time of year. Lots of olive jars and big, chunky urns...getting me ready for the beginning of autumn. Ahhh, a girl can wish can't she? And it isn't even officially summer yet! Just not my favorite time of year...but, I digress! More 4th ideas coming soon. Stay tuned. 

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