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Friday, May 15, 2015

This and That...and "Spending $$$"...

...but not my own! Daughter #2 and her hubby decided they wanted an update on what was supposed to be just their family room...and maybe the dining room...and then maybe the kitchen...well, you get the idea. Their home inside is one of the newer layouts (open and high) even though the outside I would describe as "farm house style". With this layout, it is always hard to find a stopping point as one wall seems to lead right into another.

Decorator daughter went up with us last week and did some initial thoughts and plans and then hubby and I went back for a few days this week to help the plan get carried out. The shopping is always the hardest for me cause "you have to kiss a lot of frogs" or, in this case, you have to visit a lot of stores...and then you figure out that what you saw in store number one HOURS ago was really what you like best, so back you go...but you have to check them all out before decisions are made...well, you get the idea and I definitely digress!

The nice thing about this project was that I got to say "yes" to lots of purchases without it costing me any money. I love to shop that way! Of course, then I don't get the benefit of all of the lovely purchases we made but I can live vicariously just this one time.

Didn't take any pictures because we were really just on the go the whole time but to re-do is coming along. They are going for a mix of new and sophisticated shabby chic. We had lots of fun finding old things and re-purposing them. It just gives the house that automatic "lived in and loved" feel that all new items just can't give.

We are home now. Tons of errands to do today (one which involves buying LOTS more white paint. This wood is soaking it in like crazy and I have already used up all that I had!)  and then I am hoping to get finishing up my 4th of July crafts...think I am going to love them. I hope everyone else does as well!

I remembered to take a quick shot of my finished Mother's Day craft. I know this isn't the greatest idea I have ever had, but I love that every time my eyes find this frame, I remember my mom once again. This pin was purchased when she was in Panama. My dad was in the Air Force and she traveled there on some kind of a freighter to marry him. I remember her wearing it often so it has a very special meaning to me. I will probably never wear it-but I can just take it out of the frame if I ever wanted to-but it is so much better than just sitting in a jewelry box somewhere!

My mom getting ready to head to Panama

My Nana getting ready to send off her oldest daughter

Hopefully my next post will have my finished crafts but we have a very special "sweet 16" to celebrate in the next few days so we shall see. In either case, I will have lots to share I am sure. Stay tuned.

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