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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home Again, Home Again...

I think I am starting to like this retirement thing. We are beginning to learn that we really have no schedule set in stone and can come and go as we desire. This weekend we "desired" to head to Gainesville to help our third grand daughter celebrate her 16th birthday.

Her older sister has been planning a surprise party for her for months! All by herself! She choose the theme (Smoke and Mirrors) based on an album by Morgan's favorite band, Imagine Dragons. And she chose that because she was able to get 4 tickets to their upcoming concert in Tampa for Morgs and three guests of her choosing!

The plan was for Morgan to have her 4 best friends over to spend Friday night and then all head to the beach until Sunday afternoon. On arriving home, we (the whole family and many family friends) were all there to surprise her. The surprise started with her being sent to unlock the front door and run around to open the garage because they had "misplaced" the garage door opener. Upon entering, she was pelted with Silly String and blasted with puffs if smoke...maybe these jobs shouldn't have been given to 3 slightly "over zealous" boys. In any case, when she cleared all of that stuff from her vision, she was pleased-never sure how a surprise might work out!

All it took was one look at the mantle and Morgs caught on to the theme right away! Wish I had taken pictures of the rest of the house because Hannah did a wonderful representing the theme right down to band "tweets" of food references for everything she served!

After eating and gift opening, we moved outside where Hannah had more theme related games set up.

And then it was on to making wishes. She must have been wishing for something really wonderful as it took her awhile!

It was really a lovely day and a very special gift from a very special sister!

We spent the night so that we could continue a birthday tradition with Morgs...we check her out of school and re-live things that we used to do back when I picked the girls up from early dismissal every week. This year we headed to one of all of our favorite restaurants, BJ's. We definitely didn't leave hungry!

After all of that, we headed to the mall to "work off" some of those calories! Got home just in time to have yet another birthday dinner and evening of family togetherness.

Now we are home and I am having fun catching up on all sorts of little things. We have a busy next few weeks with all sorts of ceremonies and end-of-year school activities with the kids, so stay tuned!

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