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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don't Have Much...

...but wanted to get in a quick post so you don't forget me!

When last we "spoke", we had made it through several birthdays, the track meet and our party. Father's Day turned out to be lovely as well. All three girls were in town and got to help my husband celebrate. Then, on Monday morning, most of us hopped in the car and headed north to help my brother and sister-in-law re-do their kitchen. This was a project that had been thought about for a long time, so it was fun to have any hand in helping it get moving along.

Daughter #1 is a painting pro. She is now living in her third home and each and every house she has seen her "touch" in ultimately every square inch in some way or other-and painting is usually involved. She actually LIKES to paint. With her at the helm, the kitchen project moved along rather quickly and, by the end of the day, most of the painting was done. We left the ceiling for my brother to do on another day as all of us maneuvering in kitchen was already a bit much!

After a day of work on Monday, we decided we needed a day of fun yesterday so we headed off to do some salvaging and antiquing. We picked Presley up from art camp at the Appleton Museum, had a fabulous lunch at Blue Highway and hit just about every place we could find here in Ocala. It was a fun day but boy were hubby and I tired by bedtime!

Today also promises to be fun. Two of my girls own an online boutique and run periodic U-Tube videos with "instructional" ideas with seasonal and holiday themes. The videos are always so funny but the filming and out takes are totally hysterical so I try to be an "audience" to this whenever they are "filming" in town. Should be fun!

While I am here, I thought I would take a minute and finish up the 4th of July tour. If the truth be told, I am already looking forward to putting out my sunflowers for the summer decor so red, white and blue days may be numbered-haha!

I love this Uncle Sam the little kids and I made last year. He was super easy and super inexpensive...and something they could do entirely on their own.

I love how they each have different personalities!

This card is from a few years ago when I was doing "Bingo" art for every holiday. Do you remember that? It was all the rage! I really don't see it much any more but I still love the vintage look of it.

My cozy corner with my "world's fastest" - not to mention, cheapest -  candle holder on the table. I whipped up a bunch of these last year to use outdoors at our big party.

I used glass holders I saved from burned out B&BW candles tied with a small flag - that I had bags of bought from the $ section of Target. Simply pull the flag off of its dowel and tie around the container with twine. In my case, the candles were even "free" as I have a LOT of them left over from the days I did "white as snow" decorating for January. I only use white candles now to join with red and blue so I have many just waiting for me to find a way to use them.

 Well, I hear some stirrings come from the guest rooms, so it is time to begin today's adventure. I'll be back. Stay tuned.

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