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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"What Was I Thinking??!"...

...unfortunately, I guess the answer is that I wasn't-thinking that is!

Yesterday was the nicest day. We started with several hours in the gym for my husband-while I SAT and perused magazines. Then, we were off on errands before returning home for lunch and a movie break. Then, on to a few games of Yahtzee before we were surprised by a lovely visit with daughter #3 and our three youngest grand children. They were here for some time and after they left, we got in one more Yahtzee game before starting dinner.

The veggies were all roasted and I started on our Parmesan encrusted tilapia (yum!). I gave the fish a flip and set the timer on the microwave for 5 minutes-I thought. I figured that gave me time to get drinks ready, dishes out, etc. All of a sudden, I noticed a "different" smell and thought maybe it was the fish. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't the fish and that there were large FLAMES in the microwave!

And then I realized that, once again, instead of setting the timer on the microwave, I had actually turned it on. And, just that afternoon, I had stuck a loaf of bread and a large bag of popcorn into the microwave-yes, I sometimes use it to store things and keep some of the clutter off of the counters. Believe me, I will NEVER do that again.

In my defense-if I have one at all-the timer set-up on this microwave was a bit different than any others we have had. But, that being said, if I had not have had all of that stuff in there, it would not have caught on fire. There was no way we could get the stuff out while it was flaming so we just closed the door and waited for the flames to burn out. Of course, by then, the microwave had burned out as well.

I am so angry at myself. This oven was relatively new and I had splurged on a really nice one to match our new frig. I would be lying if I said we could just make due without one for awhile...there is no way! And so, as soon as I finish this post, we will be off to Lowes to buy another. I am so hoping they still have the one that matches our frig but I am prepared to take my punishment like a man! Hopefully, lesson learned!!!

And while I am disclosing that I may not be the "sharpest knife in the block", I will admit to another misstep recently made. I REALLY should learn to go with my is usually never wrong with at least telling me what I am going to like and what I am going to have trouble with. In my last post, I mentioned that the side chair in the living room was looking bare to me and that I would soon have a "fix". I had already ordered a new PB pillow...and yes, I said pillow. It isn't available in a cover but since I am getting so good at taking care of that little problem, I figured no worries.

When I first saw the pillow, I was drawn to the faded blue field of stars...but then, I wasn't sure I liked the stark contrast to the red stripes. Should have gone with my gut...I really don't like the contrast. And, since I didn't even look at the dimensions, I now know that the pillow is actually too wide to even fit on this chair. But, since I dislike returning things more than anything, I knew I would figure something out. After just a few moves, I have come up with this:

I moved one of the painted pillows I made last year to the living room chair...not my favorite but I will cope.

And my lovely new pillow is on the love seat at the end of the dining room. It really isn't my favorite PB find but I like it better here  #1, because it actually fits and #2, the muted color and shine on the fabric go much better with the fabric on the love seat. Wow, sure feeling lots better now that I have solved that earth shattering problem-haha. Stay tuned.

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