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Saturday, June 6, 2015

"I Told You SO"!

I knew there was a reason I was saving oatmeal boxes...and old glass jars...and pieces of cardboard...and... You get the idea. Maybe it is the old teacher/ G.S. leader/mom/Sunday School teacher/ Bible School teacher in me, but I have a hard time throwing away anything that could potentially become a craft supply necessity. Although I am no longer wearing many of the previous "hats", I still love to craft-as do my grand children-so, still I hang on to "things"

And lucky for me that I do! Yesterday hubby and I took a trip to one of our favorite haunts when we want a simple, leisurely day- Micanopy. It is a peaceful, old Florida town full of antique and gift shops and small cafes. I always try to find at least one new "treasure" befitting the closest holiday but yesterday was quite a challenge. Seems as if I already own most of what "The Shop" carries for the 4th and since they are in the throes of a huge remodel, they didn't order a lot new this year for the summer holidays. I was really looking for another Uncle Sam of some size but they had nothing to fit the bill. The owner showed me a wood carved figure that truly wasn't my favorite but he was primitive so I liked that. I knew immediately that he wasn't tall enough but figured I could work something out.

And my friends, that is where the oatmeal box comes in. I decided to make a quick pedestal from it and just gussy it up with some glitter.

I started by cutting it to the height I wanted and gluing on a base. I actually thought about making it into an Uncle Sam hat at this point but decided that the pedestal would be just fine-and a few less steps. Suffice it to say that now that I have it done and have seen the photos, I have gone back to the drawing board and am doing the few extra steps to make the hat.

Red glitter on the container.

Blue glitter on the rim.

And, since I actually had all day at home today with no interruptions, I am doing lots of those little things that have been on the to-do list for awhile-like finally getting the pillow covers closed up.

I have been posting about how I always try to buy pillow covers when available as they are so much easier to store. Occasionally there is a pillow I want that makes me break my rule. Such was the case three years ago when I fell in love with these pillows from Pottery Barn. I had to have them. Of course, as soon as I had them sitting on my couch, they came out with almost the same thing in a cover but I figured I would just pull the stuffing out at the end of the season and the next year I would add a zipper or whatever and stuff in a feather form.

Well, that was three years ago so today was the day. I don't usually like "stick-on" Velcro but I figured since I will only be opening these pillows twice a year, if I am careful, stick-on should work just fine! And so, in a matter of just minutes, I had the two large pillows done and a little Velcro "button" on the flap of the painted pillow I made last year. None of this is a big deal but it does makes the covers lie more nicely.

Now I an buzzing around getting the rest of the house done. Of course then there will be lots more cleaning to do...but that will have to wait until the next day with no interruptions. Stay tuned.

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