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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Don't Stand Still!

I used to joke that if anything stood still very long in my house it was in danger of getting moved, hung or painted. Such was the case today.

I have gone through many changes in decor likes over the years. A long time ago I was country and loved all things Habersham Plantation or Disharoon Valley. I still have many pieces of Habersham Plantation in my house but they are the ones that are not really country...Habersham started to change their "look" about the same time I began to change mine.

I do still have a few of the more country pine pieces but, in almost every case, I have painted them either black or distressed brown...with one exception.

I like this little console. It has moved all around my house...its last permanent home being in the living room under one of the mirrors but I never really like it there. When I bought the new piece for the foyer, the piece that was there moved where this piece was...and so, this piece was once again displaced!

I carried it all around the the house but I could not find a place for it...yes, the rooms in ALL of our house are just that full! But, it was too good a "flat surface" to just get rid of so I put it in the sunroom-right in front of my desk-and moved some of my plants over. It is not a perfect solution but it will do. Of course now I am looking at it and thinking it needs a make-over. I still have some of this left so....'s kind of a "no-brainer". Think I have found my next project. Not sure I will like it white so this may end up being more of a project than I think but, we shall see. Stay tuned.

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