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Monday, June 8, 2015

I Pledge Allegiance... the flag. This year, my hubby tells me he would like to buy stock in a decorative flag company-haha. It is definitely the year of the flag around here. I can't stop myself. For some reason, they look so nice to me and are definitely an easy way to fill so many of the urns, jugs and jars that I already have out. It is a no brainer...just pop in a few flags and you are good to go. Of course, the Ravn rule, if a few are good, a whole bunch are even better!

The dining room is a good example of "flag" decorating.

If you look very carefully at this picture, you will see two urns in the background still awaiting their flags...guess another quick trip to the store is in order.

Once again, I am having trouble with these shelves. When I designed them, I wanted three shelves and I wanted the bottom one to be taller so I could lean up my large platters as in this picture. That is working out just fine but the other two shelves are so high, that not just anything shows when displayed up there. Right now I am thinking that the top shelf in this picture needs two taller items-one on each side of the urn. I am very symmetrical and this large and small imbalance is driving me nuts. I think two more blue jars would work but since I only use blue for this holiday, I am reluctant to buy more and have them sitting on a shelf for 11 months of the year-I like colors that can be used many times during the year-more bang for the buck! Not sure how this will play out just yet.

It REALLY doesn't get much easier and since I am able to use so many of the containers that I have, it saves a lot on the "putting away" part of my decorating as well. Sometimes it is harder to find storage for all of this than it is to do the decorating!

And while we are at it:

Like I said, "no brainers and a lot of bang for your buck"! My kind of decorating!! Stay tuned.

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