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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring, Spring, Beautiful Spring????

So since returning from NYC, ( I still have day 5 to show you ) I have been trying hard to get back on schedule - with much difficulty! I have decided it is because I have spent so much time in my yard. Every spring, I have a day where I wake up, look outside and just know that I can't take it another minute! That day happened last week!

I could not look at the weeds another minute. In some of the beds, they were taller than the actual flowers! That is what happens around here during the winter!!

It is hard to tell from these pictures, but after three 8 hour plus days of weed pulling as well as some much needed trimming, I had large piles of debris all over the yard - at least the yard on one side of the house - the other side and front are still waiting! And so is the mulching!!!


You would think that after all of the weed pulling from flower beds that I just did, I would be happy to leave things status quo but, NO, not me. I had to go and add yet another flower bed to the mix. I was having a serious problem with the area that used to be the pergola. After so many years of having something there, it didn't look right being empty. I thought a new bed might help. I have been buying up plants like crazy and put them all in the other day. As you can see, I still needed more so yesterday's trip to a local nursery helped a bit. I will try to get all of those empty spots filled in - thinking that may help with weed control. Then, I bought some more bricks to use as a border and then I will mulch. The butterflies are already fluttering everywhere and the most beautiful green and red hummingbird has made a few visits, so I am on the right track. Stay tuned.


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