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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bringing the Outside In...

As I was taking pictures for my spring blog posts, I realized just how many "things" meant for outdoor decorating I actually use indoors. At first I thought it was because we are currently in the midst of spring, but I realized that most of them are inside all of the time. Maybe it is because they are rusty and chipped that they appeal to me. Perhaps it is because they just feel casual or peaceful. Whatever the reason, I love them and I find myself decorating this way more and more.

I LOVE these sconces (in truth, they are plant holders) given to me by daughter #3. I actually loved the first ones she gave me so much that when she happened upon two more (in a garden shop), she bought them as well. Two of them are still outside and two are here flanking the large mirror in my living room. I don't mind at all that they are rusty, weather stained and primitive - in fact, that is probably just why I am so drawn to them.

These are just a few of the things that I saw right away. Most of them can be found somewhere in my house pretty much all year long. You see, the more weather beaten, chipped and rusty, the better. Next time I have an empty spot I am going to remember to go "shopping" outdoors - maybe you should too! Stay tuned.

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