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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2 - N.Y.C.

We spent some time last night with everyone making their requests for something they just didn't want to miss on this visit, so Day 2 proved to be full and busy.

Our hotel was located in the just the perfect spot - halfway between Times Square and Central Park, so walking was the mode of travel for a lot of our trips.

We started the day finding a spot where everyone could find what they wanted for breakfast - some of us wanted a large breakfast to start the day while others preferred less to eat. How lucky were we to find Pick-A-Bagel??! We had actually walked past it last night and when looking in the window, thought they had a gelato section. Turned out those full bins of color were varieties of cream cheese - I would be an oompa loompa if I lived in this city!!! So much to eat, so little time.

With full bellies, we headed off to the Museum of Natural History. The girls were excited to see it as they wanted to see if it looked like it did in "Night at the Museum" while I was excited to bring back so many memories of elementary school field trips. I guess the girls must have gotten tired of all of my reminiscences as my oldest grand daughter asked me if it was a dinosaur petting zoo back then!!

Stopped to have a peek at one of the Trump Towers.

Then, another look at Central Park. IF I ever lived in the city, it would have to be near this park - it was the only place that I truly felt "at home". I loved seeing the city through the girls' eyes - two of them for the first time - and I got caught up in the hustle and bustle and excitement that is "the city", but if I am being truthful, I am a country mouse and my nervous system does so much better with trees, flowers and fresh air! The excitement if great - for awhile!

No, this is not Hannah wiping her nose. It is Hannah "being" a mastodon - and probably sick of being photographed!

This is the view we often had of Caitlin. She has become quite the accomplished photographer!

I started off taking a lot of pictures but then decided that I really just wanted to enjoy the visit, so that is what I did. We spent the entire day here and I loved it. It was so much fun to still see classes of children touring as I once did oh so MANY years ago! And no, I'm not quite old enough to be an exhibit myself - yet!

This would probably be a good time to mention that I think true New Yorkers get a bad rap. Many people talk about how rude and aggressive they are - although, after a few days of trying to cross streets against taxi cabs and crowds, I too found myself becoming a bit aggressive - for me!

In any case, we had many times when we would be standing with map in hand discussing the merits of one direction over another when someone ( and I think it was often a gentleman ) would stop and help us out. This church is a case in point. As we were walking back from the museum, we passed a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln.We were debating whether it was his true size as it didn't seem tall enough when a man approached and started to fill us in on what he knew about Lincoln's height. As we walked together - he obviously on his way home from a corner grocery with a bag in each hand - we passed a church and we stopped to look at the beautiful architecture. He suddenly asked if we would like to see the inside as he pulled out a huge ring of keys. Seems he has worked here for the last 30 years. Sadly, it is a church building and congregation in decline. He filled us in on all of the history as he threw on lights and pulled back a curtain revealing this beautiful mosaic wall. It was a lovely, UNEXPECTED pause in a very busy day!

From here we walked back into the heart of the city and found a wonderful place for a delicious dinner. Then, when only a few snow flurries came our way - and yes, the Floridians were actually hoping for snow. Of course, we were also hoping that if it DID snow, it would all be gone by morning so we could face a lovely, balmy Day 3! Stay tuned. 

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