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Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 3 - N.Y.C.

So day three was going to be big! We had tickets for Wicked that night and the girls all wanted to shop and find new outfits for the occasion. No matter that the stores are all showing lovely spring clothes and it was supposed to go down to 27 degrees tonight...they were going to look good!

The girls loved this spot. While we older ladies chose to sit at a table, the girls were lucky enough to get a window seat each day and they loved watching the city rush by!

Uni Qlo (we later learned that this means Unique Clothes). This was our first stop. Let's just say we don't have one in my home town, so it was all new to me. After this, we hit another store or two but I was too busy to take pictures. I was either holding coats and purchases or I was shopping - yes, that's right, Nana did some shopping on Fifth Ave.!!

Of course, we were all pulled into this shop - some of us for the beautiful Easter decorations and others by the smell of chocolate. Of course, by the time we left, we had all caved to the chocolate. Not too bad at the per piece price, but instant sticker shock when we read that it works out to $96/lb. After all, would Oprah choose anything less? (Apparently there was a picture of Oprah indulging that I somehow missed!)  I am not much of a chocolate girl, but I must say that my choice of dark chocolate salted caramel was divine!!

A four story Forever 21 that had the girls all hyperventilating! It was so overwhelming that I am not sure how they found anything...but find they did! Could be part of the reason that we had to do some quick moving around when at the airport as we checked what was supposed to be the only suitcase we checked. I think we were something like 14 lbs. overweight!

I think that this Broadway play was really the highlight of everyones' trip. My oldest daughter and her family had seen it before but loved it so much it was their choice again. I must say that it was fabulous. What voices! And, I guess nobody really does it like Broadway.

We waited for some of the crowds to leave so we could grab a few photos and headed outside to REALLY cold weather with gusts of wind. Thank goodness our hotel was only 4 blocks away...but, right as we were beginning to make some headway, the girls spied some people waiting at the stage door and before we knew it, they had joined the crowd. As luck would have it, the 2 lead female actresses and "the Wiz" came out to take pictures and sign playbills. My hands were too cold to take pictures, but suffice it to say, the girls were totally thrilled and we got back to the warm fireplace in the hotel lobby right before I lost a finger or toe-ha ha!

So even though it was a long day, we mapped out our plans for tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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