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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Spring Has Sprung" Once Again!

I found myself going very "green" yesterday. Totally appropriate for Earth Day I guess, but I can't exactly say that is why. I just found myself weeding out most of the springtime colors and filling in with green and white. Maybe it the new color palette in my house - I don't know. I do know that it feels calm and serene - something that this old house doesn't feel very often so I'm going with it!!

Of course, the first thing I show you already contradicts what I just said. I love this spring wreath so much, that I had to use it even though it does have those hints of spring color I just told you I removed. Kind of hoping that since it is the first thing you see when you enter the house, you will forget the colors in a minute or so.

This vignette - or rather one very similar from a few years ago - is actually one of my "pins" that has had the most repins and blog reads. I feel kind of foolish because people really seem to love it and it is just this easy...

...find a candle-holder not currently holding a candle, fill a small pot (this is a French flower pot that I found at a garden store years ago. I bought several and use them in all sorts of ways, but this would work with a clay flower pot, a small bowl, a pretty cup or any short vessel you have) with a vacated bird nest or one you "make" with old coconut fibers from a flower pot liner, pine needles, excelsior or even shredded paper, nestle in a bird statue (this one is from the Dollar Tree), add a few eggs and put on top of candle-holder. It is just THAT EASY!!

I found this pretty bird and nest plate at Dillards and the small birdbath at Michaels -both several years ago.

You can't see it from this angle - and I couldn't get another angle because of the flash back - but the downloaded picture inside this cloche is a nest that looks almost exactly like the nest beside it.

And yes, there is some color in the kitchen as well. I will show you more of it soon, but I just had to share these fabulous green Ball jars. I have been seeing the vintage blue jars for months, but blue is not my color - except for the 4th of July - so when I finally saw the green ones advertised, I headed out to find them locally. Wouldn't you know, the only place I could find them here was at Wal-Mart...which is always my last stop because it is not my favorite - but, they almost always have what other stores don't so I will have to start trying them first from now on.

So much more to share. Stay tuned. 

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