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Friday, April 25, 2014

"Green - the New Black"

I must say that I totally love the new, "minimal" (for me) look of my house. I guess less clutter in "stuff" really does feel like less clutter in your attitude. Still not going to say that I don't miss some of my "surfaces" but I have survived. It is still a bit challenging for me to decorate for each new holiday/season but I love green so much that I am really doing fine with the spring decor.

Let's head to the dining room next.

I have a number of "go to" things that I use for a centerpiece when I have nothing else to use here - most specifically the long wooden box I made and the old sugar mold that holds 12 candles, flowers, whatever. I love both of them because they run down the middle of this table and can stay there if we decide to actually eat at the table as well. BUT, the last several years I have put out lots of nests with eggs and birds on my "now absent" hutch. Plus, I have lots of small fern plants that I used to nestle on the hutch or on the "again now absent" shelf over the doorway. I just couldn't see anywhere to use all of that "springness" so I decided to put it all together in a centerpiece. I started by filling a cloche with moss balls and sitting it on a pedestal. Then, I used an old wicker tray as a base and filled another of my self constructed coconut fiber nests with a bird and more eggs and sat it on a larger, lower pedestal. I really love to buy lots of "things" in black because I use ALL of them for Halloween but they can also be put into service any other time of the year. Because I have so much black furniture and...because "they: say every room needs some black to anchor it, these items just blend into the background. No one really notices them and they give so many heights and decor opportunities to your decorating. Then, I filled in the empty spaces with 4 of the small ferns. Kind of looks like a bit of the forest - just perfect for spring!

Even though daughter #3 is now my decor adviser and keeps telling me to purge, every time she is getting rid of something, she always asks me first if I would want it. And, since she has such good taste, I almost always say yes. This architectural piece is the latest case in point. I always loved it on her mantle and since it fits my 2 "must-bes" - rusty and big - I quickly said yes. Right now I love it here on the side board next to my two new chunky candle holders but know it will find its way to many spots around my house in the months to come.

Once again I am trying for a mix of the season with the Mediterranean feel of this room with the wine items, olive jars, etc. And, it is all pulled together with GREEN. I love springtime! Stay tuned.

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