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Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting My Ducks ( Rabbits, Chicks ) In a Row

I actually got most of my weekend cooking done yesterday. Today is the Good Friday service at church, entertaining the boys for a few hours while mom and Presley have a "girl" day, planting a few more flowers, baking cookies, boiling 4 dozen eggs, starting the cleaning process and "fluffing". Tomorrow everyone arrives - but hopefully not until I have a few minutes to finish the cleaning process. If that doesn't happen, I am hoping all of the beautiful fresh flowers I have will divert attention away from dust and crumbs! My only regret is that I don't have any daffodils or irises. I can only find them at Trader Joes and haven't had a chance to get there this week. But boy do I have some beautiful tulips!

Does everyone take as long as I do to pick their Easter lilies? I want to buy it when I am out a few days early so I don't have to be in the crowds the day before. But, I then have to gamble on which plant to pick. If I take one that is almost all open, I run the risk of it not being its best on Sunday but, if I pick one still pretty closed, I run the risk of it not being fully open on Easter. I think I got a pretty good one this year.

My second dilemma is always what to get the kids on Easter. The Easter bunny is usually pretty generous to these kids in their baskets. He usually brings lots of summer goodies such as bathing suits, beach towels, "girly" or "boy" stuff and the obligatory candy-but not too much! We're at the point where I know they prefer money and I really don't mind doing that. Then, they can use it for whatever they want. But, me being me, I just have to find a way to make it a bit more personal. This year I found this tutorial for a bunny holder from "the idea room". I made up some in pink for the girls and 2 in white for the boys. Then I nestled them in a large basket that I also filled with lots of cans of silly string, bubble wands and bunny tail cotton candy. I also have supplies for Peeps s'mores. I couldn't help myself and added just a bit of candy to each package - it's just what a Nana does! Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Our gang all arrives tomorrow and it promises to be a full and wonderful weekend! Stay tuned. 

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