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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Helter Skelter!

So just when I think I know exactly how my day will play out, my husband comes in from picking up our newspaper at 5:30 a.m. and asks, "did you order something that would come in a large box?". I don't think I did, but heck, let's see where this conversation takes us. After much fumbling with a large package on the doorstep, lights and glasses, I ascertain it is indeed meant for me. And then I remember! My birthday present from daughters #1 & 3!! My winery sign has arrived. Of course, in my world, nothing is ever as simple as just driving a nail and hanging. Oh no, 5 other things have to find good homes before I am done.

Luckily decorator daughter lives minutes away so I send out an S.O.S. and she arrives after dropping Presley off at school. I not only had the new sign but two framed Central Park pictures that I bought in NYC that needed a home. We played around with a few things and here is what we came up with:

New wine sign hung over the jelly cupboard at the end of the dining room. The sign is made out of a slice of wine barrel and very authentic. I love it! This was where we had always intended to put this sign and it is exactly what we hoped for. BUT, once that was there, I was even more sure that I didn't like the large poster I had at the other end of the room. I actually like the poster but since it is predominately a cinnamon color, I was wanting to go more neutral. We tried the canvas of Tuscany that used to hang in the LR thinking it would add to the "vineyard" feel, but I had pretty much decided that I like the cleaner color palette. Since I use so many  seasonal decorations, there is always more than enough color in my home and now the colors won't fight each other!

I think I am liking the mirror that used to hang in the niche here instead of either the poster or canvas!

I have been having second thoughts about this wall a lot of late so it was sort of serendipitous that I got these NY pictures. I really had no idea where they would hang but since they are two of my favorite views of Central Park taken in all four seasons of the year, they were a no-brainer for me. We walked around the house trying out a number of places until my daughter suggested this and it all fell into place. It is a much cleaner, symmetrical look and I love it!! Of course, she left before the hanging took place and I have to say, this one was a total BEAR!!! No real square areas on the sconces from which to measure if you know what I mean. I used a lot of toothpaste and prayer and I think it is close!

Of course, when I finally stepped back to check, I realized how many nail holes I have from the previous arrangement and that this paint is no longer available and I have no way of matching it perfectly so now the next project added to the list will be to repaint the LR....and of course that means choosing a color - I HATE that job. It will probably take awhile so I will just have to overlook the holes!

On to Easter in the dining room:

So that was Easter in the dining room before I get back to Day 2 of NYC - see, very helter skelter today. Stay tuned!  

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