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Friday, November 1, 2013

"We Interrupt This Vacation".... say good-bye to my favorite month of the year! I can't believe it is over but we had such a fun filled month that the memories will linger forever! And, of course, no Halloween would be complete without at least one costume parade and trick-or-treating!

I started Halloween morning at Presley's pre-school for their costume parade. How much fun it is to see all of these little people dressed in their costumes and marching around the school courtyard as the "paparazzi"  close in!

Later that afternoon we headed to daughter #3's house for a yummy Halloween dinner with family and friends before heading off to trick-or-treat. And, imagine our surprise when we discovered that their new next door neighbor is from a family we have known since moving to Ocala but haven't seen in years. So much fun to have a quick "catch-up" before heading on.

These two were absolutely adorable! They stayed close to each other the whole evening.

So now October is officially over and that always makes me sad! It is the one month of the year that just goes way too fast for me!! But, since there is a Gator game tomorrow and a good bit of Sunday gets eaten up with church and lunch out, I am leaving my decorations up until Monday. That way I will have a number of full days to tackle the project. Actually thought of doing what my daughter has done the last few years and hang onto Halloween even a bit longer and then go straight to Christmas. But, alas, I know I would miss my autumn and Thanksgiving colors and turkeys and pilgrims so I will put on my favorite music and bite the bullet. Then, I will do the same in about 3 weeks as down comes autumn and up goes the reds and greens. I really so love the decorating process-just wish it didn't take quite so long. Guess I could put up half as much but we all know that won't happen so bring on the holidays!! Stay tuned.

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