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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Draw Me a Map

So we are now in the kitchen - really kind of simple this year. My husband seems to think that I need a map to find my way here but he is not entirely right. I know where it is and how to use it - I just choose not to much these days. I like to cook but cooking for the two of us seems rather pointless as we eat so differently. I am a vegetarian and even though I have gotten him to add many more veggies to his diet these days, it isn't a meal to him without at least a little meat - although I will say, I have gotten him hooked on a few of my meatless meals like veggie pizza or caprese bruschetta.

In any case, I found my way and this is where we are today. Guess I will always find my way if a room is in need of holiday decorating.  Come along.

Can you spot my new find on top of the pie safe? When we were at Wiregrass the other day, PB was calling my name as usual. I found 2 new treasures - a large green mercury glass candle holder that will pop up next month and this pot. Even though it is green, it is earthy and rustic to me so I had no problem adding it to my autumn decor. Almost bought the larger one but its diameter was so big, it kind of limited the number of places I could use it and I love to lump my olive jars, urns, etc. together so often that I was afraid it wouldn't fit. This pot has black metal "straps" and handles on the sides. It is different from any others I have and I still find myself drawn to these every time I see one! Since it is green, I will be able to use it so many times of the year - love things like that.

This Publix Pilgrim platter and pumpkin tureen were not meant to go together but I love the way they do!

I always like to have a plate and spreaders here for easy grabbing as cheese and crackers is my favorite go-to appetizer. It makes life so much easier than hunting for things in my kitchen and serves as decor when not in use.

If you are eagle-eyed, you will probably see a number of these turkeys around the house. The girls and I made them as gifts a number of years back and since we were never really sure how many people would end up at Thanksgiving, we always made way too many. And, me being me, I couldn't bear to get rid of them so some serve as greeting holders and others as the intended picture holder.

O.K. I have got to stop taking pictures of reflective surfaces in my house. I swear this refrigerator doesn't show those fingerprints to the eye - only when the flash hits. Guess I should get right on it but don't think the flash will hit it again for awhile so....

In any case, that is almost all of the kitchen. Come back and we will head into the dining room. Stay tuned.

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