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Friday, November 22, 2013

"All I Want for Christmas"...

....well, sort of. My youngest daughter has just opened her own interior design business and after seeing this beauty in this room, I have decided I am ready for some updates around here and, since I don't seem capable of making any of these decisions by myself, I have decided to ask her for a design consultation for Christmas. She knows my style and seems to know how to get there better than I these days!

We have had a super busy week and getting ready for more of the same. Yesterday was Hudson's 6th birthday so I met my daughter at his school for lunch with him and his brother. Then last night, we were at their house for a special birthday dinner - his choice was breakfast for dinner - and then a butter cake with butter cream icing - and from scratch to boot. And, in my opinion, it is the only way to make a cake - NO comparison with box cakes. Then, he had fun opening his presents and making plans for his sleepover tonight. I would say he is "officially" celebrated!

We are getting ready for a week of family and fun yet I spent most of today with the Cox Cable guy and things still aren't worked out - plus, my new printer is no longer printing or copying -  so I feel as if I have gone backwards instead of forward. But just about when I was ready to lose it, I looked out my back door and realized that my garden was once again giving me an unexpected gift.

This is always the time of year that I am so busy, I hardly step out into the yard. And yet, it continues to give to me when I least expect it. Perhaps it is trying to remind me to take time to smell the roses - so to speak!

Busy weekend ahead with many photo ops. Stay tuned.

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