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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Snippets of My Life

I guess by now most of you know that my husband is a C.P.A....and that the life of a C.P.A. - at least my C.P.A. - doesn't "let up" until the FINAL deadline of the year which is October 15. And, sometimes there are still more returns to file but, late is late! Anyhow, that leaves us a relatively short window of down time before it all starts again in January. And, since it falls in the busiest time of the year, our window of free time is even smaller.

So, we do try to get out of town on day trips more often and squeeze in all of the kids' events that we can. And so, life has seen us at several volleyball playoffs, swim meets, soccer games, etc. and a trip to Wiregrass with several more day trips in the plans.

Always lunch at our favorite restaurant!

It was fun watching all of the trees and lights go up - makes the job of decorating at my house look like a breeze.

Hudson receiving his first E- honor roll award as a kindergartner at Eighth Street.

Hud with his teacher.

Grand daughter Hannah received her school's student volunteer of the year award.

Last soccer games and award ceremony of the season - football starts next week!

Grand daughter running cross country at regionals. See that look of determination on her face. She came in in the top 15 and was invited to compete at state level.

Since she placed so well, she went on to run at state where she came in first from her high school and ended up the #44 girls' cross country runner in the state! Her varsity volleyball team went on to take #3 in the regionals. Way to go Hannah!

So those are the things keeping me busy these days. I have even started a bit of Christmas shopping - which is rare for me. I am not a last minute shopper but I do have to be in the mood and have the holiday spirit. Guess with all the stores starting to decorate so much earlier, the "spirit" is starting to move me. I have picked up mostly little things because I am waiting to get everyone's "list" on Thanksgiving. Since hubby always has a tax class in Tampa in early December, I usually save my real shopping until then.

I spent most of yesterday out running errands which included waiting for over 30 minutes to get our tickets for the Nutcracker this year. Never thought I would see that happen in our little town but I guess many families have this same tradition. We are adding on another grand daughter this year. Presley has been taking dance for over a year and went to the Nutcracker Tea last year, so she is ready to join the "big girls". I can't wait. I am so excited to see her reactions because this is a really beautiful production.

Back to the Thanksgiving decorating task at hand tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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