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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finishing Up

So we got another out-of-town day trip yesterday. We were heading up to Gainesville to have lunch with daughter #2 but her work schedule got changed at the last moment, so we had to postpone that but since we were already on "go mode", we continued on. Besides, I had great Chicos, Yankee Candle and Coldwater Creek coupons burning holes in my pocket. Plus, we added in a trip to the Fresh Market to load up on all sorts of seasonal favorites and then stopped at BJs where we always enjoy a long, leisurely lunch and a glass (or two ) of wine. Today was even better as a whole bottle of wine was 50% off, so I drank my limit and got to bring the "leftovers" home - and, the bottle ended up being less than the normal 2 glasses - win, win!

I got lots of new clothes in preparation for the next two months. I love to get those things taken care of now so I can just enjoy the process. We have two different Thanksgivings to attend, several parties, and the Nutcracker already on the calendar not to mention all of our regular activities like church and eating out that make dressing a little more festive this time of the year all the more fun! Plans are started, lists are being shared and the calendar is getting full so I guess there is no stopping the celebrating now!

I also spent a good bit of time on my Pinterest boards the other day pulling both decorating and crafting ideas for Christmas, so let's finish up the house tour so I can take you along as the preparations begin.

I can't believe this sign is still going strong. It was painted for me by a student's mother so many, many years ago. I love it and think of her each time I hang it.

Not much Thanksgiving in the sunroom-mostly just still autumn stuff. I went around snapping some random pictures of pilgrims and turkeys I have added to the mix. I am surprised at how many forms, sizes and functions they take. Just popping a turkey or pilgrim into the autumn stuff would make for really easy decorating if I just didn't take all of the autumn down for Halloween. One year I tried just adding some witches and jack-o-lanterns to the autumn of September to lighten my load, bit it just didn't do it for me. Gotta have my full-on Halloween even if it does mean lots of extra decorating!

I get so nostalgic every year I put out these candles. I have had them for about 48 years and I got them because my mom had had a pair that she put out every year while I was growing up. They were just kind of a staple at Thanksgiving time - seemed like everyone had them in their homes back then. They came from Woolworths and were probably about 25 cents each. They still say Thanksgiving to me!

The turkeys here are salt and pepper shakers that I have had "forever" and then I made pilgrims back in the day when I was obsessed with ceramics! My eyes were sure a lot better then they are now because they even have thin little eyelashes on those faces. These days I'd be hard pressed to even see the faces!

I love this pressed glass replica of an old green glass turkey that I found at Williams Sonoma. I have 2 small orange turkeys as well.

We had a nice surprise last night. My youngest daughter was on her way to St. Pete to visit her sister as she was coming through Ocala on her way from Atlanta. She and two clients had been at the furniture mart in Atlanta picking up some pieces to finish their homes. My daughter just recently started her own interior design company and she is having so much fun hooking up with various vendors of furniture, decor items, lighting and fabrics. She has always had a good eye for design and has loved decorating her own home and offering advice to family and friends. Guess that is what she will still be doing except now she will get paid. She loves it so much it won't seem like work to her.

Anyhow, she found a vendor who make replicas of antique pieces and also just unique objects for desk and table display. She saw this large spool with antique scissors and said it reminded her of me and my love of sewing and crafts. I didn't have to go far to find the perfect place as I had made these velvet pumpkins and a spool of thread and scissors had definitely been involved. I love gifts for "no reason" except that someone was thinking of me! Thanks Jen!!

So that is the house for Thanksgiving. We will be doing an immediate family dinner at Jen's house on the 25th and then an extended family feast at my brother's house on the "real" day. Looking forward to both. Then we will be on to Christmas decorating and gift making. Heading to Tampa for a few days as well, so I will keep you up-to-date. Stay tuned.

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