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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On the Road Again

Our last full day before the long ride home found us on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our plans had been to search out a few places my daughter and her family had been before but one wrong turn and we were off on a new adventure. Not to mention the fact that it was "crisp" up in the mountains. The colors were lovely but I was surprised that we were more mesmerized by the large icicles and small patches of snow-typical Florida family.

We stopped all along the way at many scenic overlooks and took several small trails to take tons of pictures-even the girls were all snapping away!

We were all getting hungry so we decided to stop and look for lunch in a small town along the way back to Asheville. We stopped in a small town called Marion.

It was a cute town-kind of like so many we all remembered from past trips. They were having a Halloween festival in the little town square. We walked the town and enjoyed the ambiance but decided that the only restaurant that had nice meals like we were all craving was closed for a "family event" that day, so we voted to head to downtown Asheville once again-seems like we couldn't get enough of it! My daughter remembered another place they liked, so we were off to Baileys.

We all had wonderful meals as we talked about the rest of our evening. Although it looks like we have already had a really full day - and we had - we were not done yet. There's more. Stay tuned.

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