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Sunday, November 24, 2013

No Over Thinking for a Change!

When we were at my daughter's house for Hudson's birthday dinner on Thursday evening, my son-in-law asked me what our plans were for Saturday, I told him I didn't have any plans written in granite. He told me he may be thinking of using some sky box seat tickets that they had and wondered if we could keep the kids. Of course, I said yes. But, still nothing in granite as they hadn't totally made up their minds.

Friday proved to be a busy day although by the end of it, I was not one step further ahead than I was when it began. That sad tale involves a day with the cable guy and that is all I will say on that subject.

In any case, I still had things to do on Saturday morning when the phone rang Friday evening and it was said son-in-law telling me they had decided to go to the game so they would be bringing the kids by after Harrison's football game the next morning.

I was so tired, I really didn't process as I normally would and got up and headed off to errands on Saturday morning so I would be home in time. And that is when it hit me! The kids would be with us for the day and I hadn't planned any Thanksgiving activities. That is when I fell back on so many years in the kindergarten classroom. Grabbed a few extra goodies while at the grocery store and was home and ready by the time the gang arrived!

Since we will be doing our first Thanksgiving meal at their house on Monday, I thought it would be fun if the kids made a table favor for everyone...and an edible favor always creates more interest with the boys. I have made many variations of the cookie turkey over the years, but this one proves to be the least frustrating and doesn't involve covering some part in hot, melted chocolate or holding cookies at angles that cookies don't want to be held at until the "glue" sets only to still have them fall apart.

A Golden Oreo, Mini-Nutter Butter, candy corn (the hardest part of the project. This stuff is hard to find after Halloween), mini-chocolate chips and a can of icing. The kids can totally do this on their own after showing them one time!

Aren't they cute? We made sure to make lots of extras because I knew there would be lots of quality control taste testing going on throughout the day - and there was!

And then it was time for lunch and the "themed" Nana in me panicked a bit. I hadn't even thought of what I was going to do. Out came the Pampered Chef sandwich press because the kids requested peanut butter and jelly - is there anything else?? Ever??? I was coming up blank when I knew I would be giving them some carrots and celery to dip in ranch dressing when I "saw the light". Why didn't I think of that sooner, LOL? The perfect turkey feathers were right in front of me. And so, Mr. Turkey sandwich was born. We had some other stuff to eat as well, but, alas, it didn't fit the theme so I waited until the "photo shoot" was over - go ahead, call me holiday obsessed - I can take it!

Anyhow, as I look at the plate, I realize it may not have been my most shining moment like Halloween or even Valentine's Day or St. Pat's might be, but the kids loved it and thought I was great! And, after all, does anything else really matter?

We went on to enjoy a gorgeous autumn day with some of us riding scooters and others watching then off to play several games. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner and by then, quite frankly, my holiday obsession had worn off and we feasted on Goldfish mac & cheese, steamed broccoli, fruit and bread and butter - before sampling yet again our fabulous creations!

After that, we settled in in the family room to watch Elf. I had never seen it and felt the "pressure" to do so from the rest of the family. So glad I finally succumbed. I loved it - as did the kids cause there were lots of that kid "potty" humor that got lots of belly laughs - especially from the boys!

A fun day was had by all. Today daughter #1 and family arrive for the start of our Thanksgiving celebration with the whole family feast coming tomorrow. Can't wait. Stay tuned.

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