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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jar and Jug Love

The dining room was also kept pretty simple as I knew I would be taking all of this down before too long. Come along.

I love all of the rustic jars, jugs, urns and candle holders I have. Most of these are from PB or Southern Living. I love the feel they give a room. They are chipped and beaten but they make me feel good. After the first of the year, I am going to once again group all of them on top of the hutch and around the dining room.

I simply filled the long wood box that I made with all of the left over pumpkins and gourds then filled in the spaces with autumn leaves and wheat. If this arrangement was going to stay out a bit longer, I would have gone and bought some berries and twigs to add to the mix but since we aren't actually doing Thanksgiving here, I decided to leave it as it is-less to store away and I can always do it next year if the mood still strikes.

So that's it for the dining room. Keeping it simple but more rooms to come. Stay tuned.

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