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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Down... to go!

I think I have posted that we would be doing two Thanksgiving get-togethers this year. The first was here in town at daughter #3 and son-in-law's home on Monday. Jennie and Elton did a wonderful job hosting us and even though it was a few days early, it felt like Thanksgiving to us because it was the day we could all be together!

I love that we did a few organized activities - like bocce ball and Thanksgiving Mad-Libs - but mostly the kids just played as they wanted in the incredibly beautiful weather!

Anyone know how I can freeze time and keep these four from getting any older?

 Jennie had an apple bar with all sorts of yummy toppings like Nutella and caramel - and Hudson had to do some quality control testing as usual.

No words for this one - just glad he wasn't coming home with me that night!

There were 16 of us there and Jennie managed to get us all at one table. She used white tablecloths overlayed with burlap for a rustic feel. Because the table was narrow, she kept decorative items small and it was much appreciated because we could actually see who was sitting across the table from us! She mixed and matched the place settings and it was lovely.

The apple bar is all set up and waiting for hungry customers.

As a table favor, Elton sliced up a log of hickory wood brought from his family's ranch in Arkansas and Jen carved the date into them and added twine so we could use them as ornaments. The plan had been to carve names as well but she had a really hard time carving into these things. It just now hit me that that could be because of the type of wood - I think that hickory is a really hard wood. We all love them just the way they are.

It was a beautiful day and we have just enough left overs to last until we do it all again at my brother's on Thursday!

Thought I would leave you with this parting image. We usually use our Thanksgiving celebration as the day to take the picture for our Christmas card. I don't really care if the kids dress up or are in play clothes, if hair and make-up are perfect, etc. I do kind of hope that they will not clash with the usual red and green props which I have come to realize will usually help to keep the kids concentrated and in one place - USUALLY. As they say, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before....".  In my case, you have to take a lot of pictures before....That being said, we really don't have one picture where we all look like movie stars but then I'm not sure we could ever get that pic so we do have a winner - just not this one although I bet it would put a smile on the faces of lots of parents and grand parents who have ever tried that for one "perfect shot".

Holiday fun gearing up. Stay tuned!

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